THE county council will be urged to organise a conference for Oxfordshire's experts and business leaders to understand the impact of Brexit at a meeting today.

Liberal Democrat leader on the council Richard Webber will ask for the council to 'organise and co-ordinate a public conference/symposium' in the autumn to analyse what the impact of what any Brexit will be.

Any findings from that meeting would then be given to the council in a report.

In a motion that will be presented to the county council at a meeting this afternoon, Mr Webber will say: "Council believes that with Brexit fast approaching, it is both sensible and realistic that the potential risks and impact of Brexit on Oxfordshire good and bad, short term and long term, are fully understood as far as is possible and aired in public together with detailed discussion on how these impacts can be mitigated for."

He will add: "As the largest organisation in the county representing most of the interests most likely to be affected, [the county council] is uniquely placed to lead this initiative by immediately setting up an organising committee of senior officers and councillors of all parties. The findings and conclusions of the symposium would be presented as a report to full council and other authorities.”

Senior bosses have already said it will have an impact on businesses, while Airbus boss Tom Enders – whose firm employs people in Oxford – said the Government has 'no clue' how to execute Brexit.