BENSON'S National Police Air Service have taken the potentially risky step of asking for public contributions in naming two new 'Bowser' vehicles.

They have already been inundated with over 60 light-hearted suggestions after throwing it open to Twitter.

The service are asking for help with naming two new Bowsers, currently called 'A' and 'B', which the police labelled 'boring' on Twitter.

Bowsers are 'a trailer/fuel tank' used for refuelling after flights, but Bowser is also the name of a character from the Super Mario Brothers gaming series.  

Early suggestions include 'F1LLM3UP and L3T1TFL0', 'Mario and Luigi', 'Bowser and Wowser', 'Drippy and Splashy' and some ruder options.

Other NPAS services have also offered cheeky suggestions.

Public naming votes have been prone to mischief-making in recent years, with 'Boaty McBoatface' famously winning one poll to rename a ship. 

Possible names for the Benson vehicles - which must be no longer than eight characters, to fit on a number plate - will be vetted before being put to a poll.