We want to hear from you about how you’re making Father’s Day special for your dad.

As we reported today, four men ditched their unhealthy lifestyles to enjoy their lives more with their kids.

Ian Tomkins, Craig Logan, John Roszczyk and Tony Glenister threw away their takeaways and started running off pounds and will be celebrating their successes today.

But the day can also be difficult for some.

Mike Illingworth said the day is a 'reminder of lost future dreams' of sons Ben and Ollie.

Ben died in October 2012, aged nine, and Ollie in May, aged 15. They were born with Sanfilippo syndrome, a rare degenerative condition which causes brain damage and ultimately leaves those affected unable to walk or talk.

We want to know how your dad inspires you and what you’re treating him to today.

Father's Day 2018 Oxfordshire

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Happy Father's Day to my dad,grandad and husband (daddy and dad) from Natalie,Richard,Thomas, David and Kirsty xxx

contributed by community

Gone but not forgotten - thinking of you as I have for each of the 14 years since we lost you

contributed by community

Happy Father’s Day to my hubby Cody he is a wonderful dad we all love you lots and a happy Father’s Day to my dad Ashley!

Rebecca Penn