SOME Oxford-based jobs at Oxfam will be cut because of savings the charity has to make after a sex scandal erupted in February. 

Oxfam employs 930 people in the city and was at the centre of a media storm after it was revealed it had covered up staff’s sexual misconduct following a massive earthquake in Haiti in 2011. 

An Oxfam spokesperson said: “We are cutting head office and support functions to ensure that we can continue with the majority of our lifesaving and life changing work on the ground, such as helping Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and people struggling to survive war in Yemen.

"Our other top priority for investment is our action plan to strengthen our continuing efforts to root out sexual harassment and abuse.”  

Earlier this week, the Haitian government withdrew Oxfam’s right to work in the country following the allegations. 

A statement said the charity was ‘devastated that the appalling behaviour of some former staff in Haiti’ meant that cuts of up to £16m a year are now necessary.  

But it called on people to continue to support it and said that 90 per cent of its regular donors had continued to give despite negative publicity.

Mark Goldring, Oxfam’s chief executive, has said he will leave his post at the end of this year. 

His former deputy, Penny Lawrence, resigned in February, days after the scandal broke in the Times. She said she was ‘ashamed’ of what had happened.