AN overheated light in an eaves cupboard caused a roof fire that 'could have been much worse'.

The fire, at a property in Middle Barton in West Oxfordshire, was tackled quickly by fire crews yesterday afternoon.

The homeowner discovered the roof fire thanks to his smoke alarms and firefighters said it could have spread further if it wasn't spotted so quickly.

It is believed to have started after a light overheated in an eaves cupboard in the attic of a house in Fox Lane.

Crews from Chipping Norton, Witney and Kidlington managed to limit smoke damage and save valuables in the roof space.

Crew manager, Henry McKechnie, said: "This incident highlights the importance of having, and regularly checking smoke alarms.

"Had this incident occurred without them, the outcome could have been much worse.

"Similarly please ensure all electrical items are switched off when not in use."