THE story of two young brothers facing a battle every day to live with Tourette’s has been made into a TV documentary.

The Davies-Monks family from Upper Heyford, near Bicester, are the stars of the Channel 4 show My *-ing Tourette’s Family which aired on Tuesday, May 1.

Tourette’s syndrome is a neurological condition that causes a person to make involuntary sounds and movements called 'tics'.

These tics are what makes life complicated for youngsters Spencer and Lewis, who both have the condition, and the documentary shows how they face life head-on in many scenarios most families take for granted.

Speaking on the show mum Hayley Davies-Monks said: “Our kids were so mild mannered, well-behaved, polite.

“We never had to think about going out we would just go out.”

Dad Richard Davies-Monks added: “We were like any other family, we went to the shops, went on holiday, did everything anyone else would do.”

Spencer first started showing signs of the condition at age seven when he started sniffing and could not control it.

Within a year later the youngster's tics had developed into a number of things, including swear words – making him one of the ten percent of people with Tourette’s who develop swearing tics.

His brother Lewis, now age nine, started to tic at five and he too went on to develop swearing.

The opening scenes of the show panned through Bicester’s town centre, along Sheep Street, where even the simplest of task such as heading out to a restaurant would be a trigger for the boy’s Tourette’s.

The documentary also shows the family home in Upper Heyford and explains how even a walk to school just minutes away has been a worry in recent years.

Mrs Davies-Monks said: “The anxiety comes from the reaction of other people and the fear of what’s going to happen.

“But we are never embarrassed by our children, we are never embarrassed by Tourette’s.”

She added: “We’ve had some pretty nasty reactions. I have had people on trains telling me I am a horrendous parent, people told me the devil’s inside my children and they need to be exorcised.

“We’ve even had police approach us because my children are calling them pigs and tell them they eat all the doughnuts.”

The documentary follows the family as they handle situations such as meals out, day trips and their first holiday abroad.

It shows the foursome opting for a day out on board a boat, as well as Rebound Revolution, Bicester’s trampoline park, before later tackling their first holiday abroad to a theme park.

It also included Spencer making a speech to children at Bure Park Primary School about the condition.

Mr Davies-Monks said: “We started to become more determined to not let this condition rule us, we’ll rule the condition.”

The show was met with a huge outpouring of support from the local community with comments on the Bicester and Surrounding Areas Facebook page.

These included comments such as ‘wonderful, brave family’, and ‘they should all be proud, an inspiration to everyone’.

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