A PROLIFIC sex offender who three times flouted a court order banning him from contacting children has been given six months to prove himself or face jail.

Oliver Fitzroy, of North Street, Bicester, had already been made subject to a sexual harm prevention order on May 16 2015 banning him from having any contact with children.

The order was imposed after the 64-year old was convicted of numerous offences dating back to 1974 including inciting a child to engage in sexual activity and attempted buggery.

He first appeared at Oxford Crown Court for breaching the order three times in February where his sentencing was adjourned to May 3 while he completed an online course to tackle his offending.

At that sentencing hearing on Thursday the same defence team told the court that the course would in fact need more time to complete and requested his sentence be put off.

Agreeing to adjourn his sentence Judge Nigel Daly said that he would give Fitzroy another six months to complete the Horizon program and prove he could obey the court.

He said: “I propose to defer sentence for six months. During that period I anticipate and expect that he will complete any program he is presently required to complete and also commit no further offences.

“If you continue to do as you have been doing it may be that I can avoid passing an immediate custodial sentence.”

Previously the court had heard that Fitzroy had flouted the order by engaging in conversation with boys under the age of 16 three times.

Prosecutor Henry James said that on one occasion he had invited a boy to his home in order to ‘collect language books’ after befriending the child’s mother.

Fitzroy went on to embark on a course aimed at tackling his sex offending but he is yet to complete the program.

He will appear again at Oxford Crown Court on November 2 when he will be sentenced.