A NEW street sign has prompted howls of derision after the council which put it up couldn't even spell the name right.

The new sign appeared on Hemingway Drive in Bicester this month, but for some reason the local authority had added an extra 'm' to the word.

Catherine Targett, who spotted the blunder, shared it on the Bicester & Surrounding Villages Facebook group prompting a string of jokes.

The post also prompted group members to point out other sign spelling errors around the town.

Phil Champney pointed out that in Bassett Avenue, two signs directly opposite each other give two different spellings, with one and two 't's respectively.

Bicester Advertiser:

Alan Cowlishaw said Sterling Close should be spelt Stirling, after the Second World War bomber, and Wedgewood Road should be 'Wedgwood'.

The Bicester blunder comes just weeks after a new sign on the A34 in Oxfordshire pointed drivers to 'Whitney'.

In 2014 Oxford City Council had to make a speedy replacement after two speed signs giving different speed limits were put up on opposite sides of White House Road.

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