IMPROVEMENTS to traffic, town centre shops and housing are top of Abingdon residents’ wish list.

The, perhaps unsurprising, priorities were revealed following a survey of almost 300 people in September and will now form the basis of the town’s community-led plan.

The document will set out a vision for Abingdon’s future, outlining preferences for development including housing and community facilities.

The survey asked responders to rate current infrastructure and facilities within the town and then name their top priorities.

When it came to transport, the condition of the roads was rated as most important, with traffic a close second.

For sport and leisure it was activities for children that took the top spot, with nightclubs lowest on the list of desired additions to the town.

Overall, transport and housing were joint top priority with 52 per cent of residents listing each as one of the top three most important issues facing Abingdon.

The town's retail was not far behind with 50 per cent also putting it in there top three.

In January 2016 the council set aside £10,000 to start the community-led plan, which is less influential than a more costly version called a neighbourhood plan.

Consultation on the ‘Abingdon for All’ plan was originally due to launch in June but was postponed until September.

A statement on the council’s website at the time blamed purdah - a pre-election period during which civil servants cannot make controversial announcements – for holding up the plan.

Abingdon Community-Led Plan working group chairman Alice Badcock said the plan was all about looking forward rather than backwards.

She explained: "We are going to have local specialists help us understand what we can do and achieve to address the concerns that were raised in the survey.

"We want it to be a really positive document about what is possible for the town."

A series of meetings will now take place to discuss the findings of the survey as well as next steps, which will be attended by these local specialists.

The first of these will take place on March 5 in the Guildhall’s Roysse Room from 6pm, focusing on transport and parking.

It will also include an introduction to the approach which is being taken to the plan.

Planning, housing and flooding will follow on March 20, followed by town retail and town centre development on April 16.

Full details are available on the town council website.