A SCULPTOR is reaching out his hand for inspiration from the community where his new piece will be unveiled.

Michael Condron has been commissioned to create a £45,000 sculpture for Great Western Park in Didcot.

But he needs a little help with the final touches to the three metre high hand made out of stainless steel and glass.

The 44-year-old from Essex said: "When I've visited the area I've been blown away really by the amazing scientific and research facilities in the Science Vale.

"Didcot has a glut of wonderful subject matter for an artist, and I've chosen the Science Vale as my focus.

"I’ve been working with local residents to explore themes and visit some of the glorious technologies on their doorsteps, and we’ve made playful and experimental artworks using light and structure."

The artwork, called 'Reach', will include a composition of hundreds of glass circles etched with a fragment relating to our understanding of the world and is expected to be unveiled in the summer near to UTC Oxfordshire.

Mr Condron added: "That is why I've designed it as a hand, because we are always reaching, striving to know more and achieve more.

"I would love for some people who work in science or have an interest in science locally to help with ideas.

"I’m after images, text, diagrams and formulae that describe nature on any scale, from galaxies to subatomic particles.

"These can be widely accepted theories, but I’d love to use ideas from work that is being carried out within the Science Vale."

An exhibition of Mr Condron's designs and ideas for the sculpture is currently on display at the Cornerstone Arts Centre.

He added: "I came up with a few ideas of what the sculpture would actually be.

"And this exhibition demonstrates the journey from these early interactions to the final sculpture design."

Pupils at the new primary school, Didcot Primary Academy, have also been encouraged to get involved with the design.

Headteacher Alison Ashcroft said: "We are already starting to make links with our community, despite being open for only 25 weeks.

"I just had a meeting with an artist who is making a huge sculpture for the housing estate.

"And the children are going to be involved in making the designs for some of the glass pieces in the hand.

"We are really looking forward to being involved with this project."

Previously Mr Condron has worked on public artworks for the Kent central library and Eco2 at the Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant.

Mr Condron's exhibition at the Cornerstone will run until Sunday, April 30.

For more information visit: mcondron.talktalk.net/index.html or to give feedback on the designs contact: reach@mcondron.co.uk