THE daughter of a woman who died from pancreatic cancer has urged people to sign a petition to make sure other families have longer with loved ones.

Kelley Spacey has spent the past six months urging anyone to sign a petition to get Abraxane, a drug used to extend the lives of pancreatic cancer patients, back on the Cancer Drugs Fund (CDF).

Mrs Spacey, from Rose Hill, lost her mum Janet Priest in August 2011, aged just 63, to the disease and has been campaigning to make the life-extending drug available for other patients.

But the mum-of-four needs another 70,000 signatures before March 4 for it to be considered for debate in Parliament.

The 43-year-old said: “My mother did not have the chance to use Abraxane, but I know people who have been able to use it and it has extended their life.

“There have been some cases where people have lived for another two years and been able to make more memories with their families.

“And by having the drug available, it means that a cure or another treatment could become available, and that person would be able to get it. You never know what the future holds.”

Mrs Spacey said she was campaigning with Pancreatic Cancer Action – the body which set up the petition with her – to get celebrities on board and boost the profile of the petition on social media.

The petition currently has more than 30,000 signatures.

She added: “It’s getting a bit scary now because the deadline is coming up, but hopefully we can get enough people to sign the petition.”

Due to demand, the CDF has continuously gone over its initial £200m annual budget since it was launched by Prime Minister David Cameron in 2011.

Some 16 drugs have been removed after talks with manufacturers on price, with NHS England deciding to keep 15.

Among the drugs delisted are those to treat breast cancer, multiple myeloma, bowel cancer, pancreatic cancer, cervical cancer and leukaemia.

Abraxane was one of the drugs removed after it was deemed by health bosses that it cost too much.

There are now no drugs to treat pancreatic cancer available on the fund.

Ali Stunt, chief executive at PCA, said: “I am appalled, disgusted and thoroughly disappointed at the NHS decision to remove Abraxane from the list.

“Patients in Scotland, Wales and the majority of the western world have access to this drug and so to deny patients in England is immoral and unjust. We at Pancreatic Cancer Action will do everything in our power to fight this decision but we also need your help.”

To sign Mrs Spacey’s petition visit: