PARENTS in the county will discover whether their child has got into their chosen primary school today.

Oxfordshire County Council will inform parents what school their child has been given a place at for the next academic year, starting in September.

It comes as a survey by price comparison website showed that 68 per cent of parents in England would consider moving home to make sure they lived in the catchment area of a school they wanted to send their children to.

And Mark Charter of Oxford estate agents Carter Jonas said it was a trend which was noticeable in certain parts of the city.

“I think we see it to a degree in North Oxford.

“When you look at school catchments and dividing lines between them there are people who are very focused on being inside those lines.

“You tend to see about a ten per cent premium on the prices of houses in those areas.

“The cause is every parent’s desire to do the best for their children.

“We see people who say they need to buy a home in a certain area to get registered for a certain school.”

The trend applies to parents who want to live in catchment areas for secondary and primary schools.

Mum-of-two Pam Cameron moved her family from Bure Park in Bicester to Fritwell in last year so that her daughter Chauni would live in the catchment area of Heyford Park Free School. She said: “It was absolutely the right thing to do.

“Chauni may have got her place at at Heyford Park Free School if we had still lived in Bure Park, but she may not have. And it would have meant £50 a month on the bus to get to school.”

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