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Community Content Editor covering nostalgia, letters and comments

Community Content Editor covering nostalgia, letters and comments

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Letter 'Labour should work with other parties to build a better Britain'

As a lifelong member of the Labour Party I have often had reason to be disappointed in the actions of the Labour Party but never so much as recently.  The NEC’s continuing denial of the wishes of Labour Party members (and the majority in the country?) for PR is bad enough in terms of a ‘scaredy cat’ approach to anything smacking of a properly proportionate approach to democracy, but now we have the shambles in Cherwell where both the NEC and local Labour appear to have thwarted the will of local voters.

Letter 'Thousands booked hotels to watch the Coronation of King Charles'

Can we get some balance here. A single letter tirade , then a ramble letter somehow blaming the Monarchy for climate change. Firstly, there are few who have been as vocal as the then Prince Charles in promoting the awareness of the effects of destruction of Rainforests on the climate. Secondly the criticism of the cost of the Coronation takes no account of the thousands of well wishers who booked hotels, used public transport and air lines, many of the overseas visitors staying over to view towns and cities like Stratford and Oxford. Also billions of television watchers and the highest UK level ever. Thirdly the fact that the 18–20-year-olds have decided to be Republicans seems a little dubious as most in that age range make few political decisions or even vote.. Lastly, the most stable countries in the world are those that have a Monarch. Argentina, France, Germany and Russia amongst others removed theirs and the outcome??. Do we really want a Donald Trump or Putin as Head of State. Perhaps in 40 years’ time the populous will regret that they are voting for the third time in a year for a new President or possibly they are being denied the right thanks to a Dictator taking over the Army and Government. Be careful what you wish for.