FINALLY we get a glimpse of what’s to come at Bicester’s eco-town.

What was nice to see was the large swathes of green open space there will be at the housing estate.

There is land for sports and potentially some lovely areas for walking and cycling.

But the proposed road system is a worry.

We expect residents on the Howes Lane edge of Greenwood homes would be delighted to see the road moved back 100 metres.

Likewise, those living in Bucknell, who could potentially see their village being used as a rat-run to the M40.

Then Howes Lane would be transformed into a “urban boulevard”. It sounds lovely but is it practical?

Howes Lane is part of the Bicester ring road, like it or not, but it seems A2Dominion’s plan is to impose speed and weight limits, and send it through the middle of a housing estate.

The masterplan – newly open to public view – shows traffic will be fed into Lords Lane, Howes Lane, Bucknell Road, Middleton Stoney Road and Banbury Road.

But other than work to re-align junctions, little more appears to be planned.

With an extra 13,000 to 15,000 residents and potentially 10,000 more cars on the roads, just how do they think these roads will cope with all that extra traffic?

All of these roads are already busy.

We can’t imagine what they would be like with another 10,000 cars using them.

And those 10,000 vehicles would just be residents of the eco-town.

What about people using the hotel, the business park and and the schools?

It seems to us a lot more work needs to be done to resolve road issues before this plan is submitted to the council.