Bicester Boxing Club’s leading juniors Callum Painting and Frazer Kernan had impressive debuts at the Ulti-mate Amateur show in Cheltenham.

Painting, 13, from Bicester Community College (pictured above with coach Daza Usher), beat Michael Lynch in a 45kg contest.

The Bicester fighter came in behind a tight guard and used slick head movement to avoid his tall and wiry rival.

Painting was firing left and right hooks to the body and head to leave Lynch dazed.

A left hook to the body had his rival reeling and he failed to reappear as Painting took a technical knockout win.

Kernan, 12, who was on the books of Chelsea FC saw off Daniel Jones (Cheltenham BC) in a tight 35kg contest.

He took advantage of his height advantage to work behind his jab.

Kernan increased the intensity in second round before taking control in the finale for a unanimous decision.