Witney Town’s former chairman Dave Donovan is hopeful the former Southern League club will re-form one day, but doesn’t expect it to be soon.

On Wednesday, the Premier Division outfit, one of Oxfordshire’s oldest football clubs resigned from the Hellenic League and folded due to lack of funds.

Earlier this month, the club were evicted the Community Stadium because they were unable to pay the rent. They had hoped to groundshare with Carterton, but lack of funds meant they were unable to sign a rental agreement.

“I knew it was coming, so it wasn’t exactly a shock,” said Donovan. “But it’s still disappointing to see it happening. I’ve been a supporter for around 20 years.

“The first game I saw was when they were in the Southern League.

“It’s a massive shame and hopefully someone can resurrect it at some stage in the future, but there seems to be a lack of interest from people in the town to run it.

“Unfortunately, the stadium was not something you could run with a small group of people, so it became an albatross around our necks.”

Former striker Sean McKeon added: “I’m devastated the club is no longer. It is upsetting knowing the hard work people like Andy Lyne (former boss) and Ady Bircher (ex-secretary) and the committee put in.”

Meanwhile, Kidlington have Tom Boxer back from injury to home to Slimbridge in the Premier Division.

Ryan Curtin (suspended) and Chris Weedon (injured) miss out.

Aaron Williams could return for Headington Amateurs’ home game with Milton United in Division 1 West.

Tomorrow’s squads

Kidlington (v Slimbridge, home): from: Dixon, Philpott, B Weedon, Mason, Rice, Geary, Posey, Dunmall, Deabill, Tabor, Castle, Boxer, Austin, Turner, Johnson.

Headington Am (v Milton Utd, home): from Jenkins, L Morbey, Zaja, Nkwanyuo, Lester, B Cuff, C Morbey, Hill, Payne, Henderson, Green, L Cuff, Jacob, Barrett, Williams.