THE long golden locks of youngster Tori Manning have been lopped off in the name of charity.

The 11-year-old from Upper Heyford, near Bicester, made the pledge and took the plunge to have her hair cut in order to donate it to poorly children.

Tori wanted to do what she could to support The Princess Trust, which works to provide wigs for children with cancer who may have lost their hair during treatment.

She said: "One of my school friends had already donated her hair and i thought it was a lovely idea ."

Tori, a Brookside Primary School pupil, had her long blonde locks cut off on Friday, September 22, at the Francine Salon in Bucknell Road, Bicester.

She added: "I felt very nervous when they were cutting my hair but excited at the same time.

"I really like my new hair style.

"All my family are very proud and think it is a kind thing to do for the children who need wigs."

The Little Princess Trust provides real hair wigs for free for children across the country who have lost their hair through illness.

Salon owner Francine Porter, who cut Tori's hair, said she had been cutting the youngsters hair since she was very little and knows how much Tori had been trying to make sure her hair was at the right length to get the required seven inches cut.

She said: "I just thought what a brave little girl, she didn't even want anybody to know about what she was doing and hadn't told her friends at school.

"She just wanted to do it, and it is a lovely thing to do.

"Tori is just such a sweet girl and such a kind thing to do for a youngster to think about other people that are in need."

Mrs Porter also added that she posted the good deed on the salon's Facebook page and it has already managed to rack up more than 12,000 likes from wellwishers congratulating the youngster on her impressive donation.

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