YOUNG musicians are learning how to become stars of the future.

The Bicester-based Oxfordshire Young Artists Project is hosting a week-long Rock School. Dan Deacon, 14, from Bicester, a guitarist of three years, said: “I went to one writing and technique workshop three years ago which I enjoyed, and wanted to do more.

“It’s been a good couple of days and they go really quickly.”

The musicians range from experienced performers to those who have never picked up an instrument before.

Rhiannon Smith, 14, from Oxford, plays piano and sings.

She enthused: “I’m inspired by powerful singers like Adele and I’m recording an Amy Winehouse song today. It’s been a very interesting new experience.”

On Friday, the students will perform songs they have written to friends and family and take home their first album.

Pictured from left are Dan Deacon, Rhiannon Smith, Ethan Webb, Sam Cooknell and Saskia Wilce.