VOLUNTEERS at a mental health charity in East Oxford have been baking cakes for customers visiting their garden café.

People will gather at Restore in Manzil Way this afternoon to get ready for the Olympic Torch coming down Cowley Road.

Mum-of-three Anna Cautley, 46, a member of staff at the centre which supports people with mental health problems, said Restore users and staff are looking forward to seeing the Olympic flame.

Ms Cautley – pictured with customer Steven Gale – said: “Our garden fronts Manzil Way and will be rather a good spot to gather and wait for the torch.

“We have got 30 staff and people have been baking lots of cakes to sell in the café on the day – it’s a very good atmosphere.

“All the staff and users of the centre are very excited about the Olympic Torch coming to Oxford and we will try to fit in as many people as possible on the day.

“We don’t know yet how many people will come along, and making enough provisions will be a tall order, but we will do our best.”