DAVID Cameron was ‘one of the worst Prime Ministers’ the UK has ever had, according to an Oxford MP. 

Layla Moran told the BBC she saw Mr Cameron, who was Witney's MP between 2001 and 2016, as a 'villain' because of his lack of preparation following the Brexit referendum held in June 2016.  

Ms Moran, who was elected as Lib Dem MP for Oxford West and Abingdon in June, told the Westminster Hour on Sunday: "I think history will look at David Cameron as one of the worst Prime Ministers this country has ever had. 

"I think the hubristic, Russian roulette gamble that he took with the referendum was inexcusable. Not because of the referendum itself but because of the lack of preparation of what would happen if he lost it. He never for a moment thought he would lose it."

But she said 'one positive' of Mr Cameron's six years as Prime Minister was equal marriage because she didn't like to be 'entirely negative'.

Others could argue the appeasement policy followed by Neville Chamberlain or Anthony Eden's hand over Suez Crisis could be worse - but feel free to have your say below.