A SCHOOL that will be the first to open in Bicester's eco town has revealed its plans to chalk up another first.

Gagle Brook Primary School, which is scheduled to open in September 2018, wants to be the first 'One Planet school' in the country.

It would see the primary put sustainability at the heart of not only its building but also its curriculum in a bid to help the environment and make pupils aware of the importance of protecting the world around them.

Headteacher Alan Derry has revealed plans are already in motion to teach pupils all about its green ethos, including the building they will be learning in and how it helps the environment.

He said: "The school is now in a very exciting phase where – should we receive enough expressions of interest and applications – we will be opening for the next academic year.

"Gagle Brook is a One Planet school, with commitments to all aspects of the world around us, including the local economy, wildlife, transport, zero waste and zero carbon.

"Showing children how to live in an environmentally conscious way is a priority for us and their lessons will help them understand the impact we are having on our world, and ways they can lessen it."

The school is signed up to 10 One Planet commitments, including sustainable water use and using local and sustainable food.

The school building is not yet filled with youngsters, due to the school's opening being delayed by two years because of a lack of applications.

But, once up and running, the building's design will be top of the agenda for pupils learning about the 'grey water system' which uses rain water to flush the toilets.

It also has a kitchen garden for pupils to grow their own food for school lunches and it has solar panels and environmental anti-flood features.

Mr Derry added: "Gagle Brook is also designed to be part of the community, with special areas that are already available for local groups to use.

"The flow of the school is based on a stream, so everyone will come into our atrium, 'the learning lake’, with our youngest children using the spring area and as they move through the school they will be part of the brook, stream and river.

"The school’s design has been carefully thought-out to be future proof too, so that as we welcome more pupils in the years to come, we can expand the school as needed by easily moving partitions and corridors."

Gagle Brook Primary School is an academy run by The White Horse Federation.

Despite the previous delays, the wheels are now in motion for it to open in September 2018 with a nursery and reception class.

Mr Derry added: "We are very excited to be planning for our opening in September 2018, however this is very much dependent on receiving sufficient applications and expressions of interest from parents."

The school will be holding a Countdown to Christmas Open Door Day on December 20 from 10am to midday and 4pm to 6pm for parents to find out more about the school.

For more details see gaglebrook.org.uk