A PRISONER at HMP Bullingdon found with a knife will stay inside for an extra 10 months.

Stephen Gibson, 28, appeared at Oxford Crown Court by video link on Tuesday having previously pleaded guilty to possessing the weapon.

Judge Zoe Smith, when delivering Gibson’s sentence, described the seven-inch blade as a ‘very unpleasant item’ that, if used, could have caused a ‘serious injury’.

While admitting to possessing the weapon, Gibson said the item was in his cell when he moved there days before it was discovered, but did not alert prison officers.

The prosecution said that shortly before midday on May 23, a prison officer went to search Gibson’s cell.

Gibson was asked if there were any unauthorised items and, when responding that there was, was told to retrieve it, which he did.

Gibson, who is serving 40 months in the prison, near Bicester for a string of domestic burglaries, then revealed the unauthorised weapon, a seven-inch metallic blade with a bit of cloth wrapped around the bottom for a handle.

Defending, Giuseppina Silvio, said that Gibson had moved cells about two or three days prior to the incident.

She said that, upon moving, Gibson had found the weapon and that his wrongdoing was in fact his decision not to alert prison staff.

It was emphasised that Gibson had handed the knife over right away and had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity when criminal proceedings were initiated.

Sentencing Gibson, Judge Smith said: “This was a very very unpleasant item, a seven-inch long blade with a bit of cloth round one end to form a handle.

"It’s very pointed and, if used, would do serious injury to anyone who was the recipient of any violence.

“I was told here today that you found it in your cell having moved there but you shouldn’t have hidden it away as you apparently did.”

Gibson was given 10 months in prison to run consecutively to his current sentence.