FAMILIES will have to wait another year before children can start at the first primary school to be built in Bicester's eco town, due to a lack of applications.

Just 10 pupils applied to start at the new Gagle Brook School for its September opening date, despite almost 100 families having moved into the North West Bicester site.

Because of the lack of prospective pupils, school trust The White Horse Federation (TWHF) has pulled the plug on this year's opening as it would be 'unsustainable'.

It comes a year after the opening was put off for the same reason.

TWHF spokeswoman Liz Matthews said: "Due to the low number of applications, it was clearly unsustainable to open in reception year in September 2017.

"That decision has been based on both economic sustainability criteria and quality of curriculum that could be supported for a very limited number of pupils.

"We also need to ensure we do not undermine the sustainability of existing schools in Bicester, parents that have indicated a preference (first, second and third) for a place at this school have been informed."

Gagle Brooke Primary School was built on the NW Bicester site as part of phase one of the build, called Elmsbrook, which also includes 91 homes.

Parent Tia Wedgewood moved into the eco town from Langford in December last year and moved her son Noah from Langford Primary School into nearby Southwold.

She said: "We were advised it would be best to move Noah to Southwold Primary School with the view to moving to Gagle Brook in September.

"But I really regret following their advice now after putting Noah through the heartache of leaving his friends and a school we loved.

"I just feel so let down after having all these promises about the school being ready for September."

"I am just frustrated and angry.

"More needs to be done - there has been no advertising at all so people don't know that there is this new school they can send their children to."

Lead developers of the eco town site, A2Dominion's project director Steve Hornblow said all 91 homes have been bought and moved into in Elmsbrook phase one, and that phase two will bring about another 71 homes on the site.

The trust has said that it is currently considering opening a nursery class this year and also opening the building up to the community to generate income over the 2017/18 academic year.

Ms Matthews added: "This will also give time for more houses to be built/occupied and to build up a profile in the school and community to secure applications for places in Reception year in September 2018.

"Both Oxfordshire County Council and TWHF have agreed that this approach represents the best approach to ensuring the long-term success of the school."

The school building is complete and the public will be allowed in from June for community open days and activities.