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Blog: Oxfordshire flooding latest, Saturday, January 11

Last updated:

    Botley Road and Abingdon Road will not reopen today
  • It is not clear when they will reopen
  • But Botley Road could open partly at some point after 7am on Sunday
  • Flood waters have fallen back on both roads
  • A number of flood warnings are still in place
  • More rain will fall in the coming days
  • But Oxfordshire has now seen the worst of the flooding


Sue Marcus 6:57am Sat 11 Jan 14
This is without doubt the clearest information site for what's happening in the Oxford area regarding train services etc. Thank you so much, keep up the great communication.
Score: 8
Wet Feet 9:04am Sat 11 Jan 14
It's a gorgeos morning, and there are stunning reflections on the still floodwater down on the Abingdon Road. Keen photographers should get their wellies on and come down here, and support some local businesses whilst you're here - they need it!
Score: -43
Myron Blatz 3:18pm Sat 11 Jan 14
Time for those lucky enough to still have building and contents insurance to send their bills to 'Witney' Dave Cameron Esq and his aquaplaning Tory-led Government, because the majority of flood victims (and potential victims if building continues on flood-plains) will be either facing massive premium hikes, or the prospect of no insurance cover, if we follow-on the experinces suffered in the USA in recent years. All this, at a time when Dave's Cronies are set to cut-back flood-related funding for personnel and projects. Time to raise taxation for good causes rather than shareholders, Dave!
Score: -123
thomasjames001 4:13pm Sat 11 Jan 14
https://www.facebook .com/fishesoxford The Fishes have had people rowing in! Some great videos and pic on their facebook page. Plus Free goodies for all that quote "Floody Hell" at the bar
Score: -19
harleyroadmum 9:18pm Sat 11 Jan 14
After all the fantastic efforts of the Environment Agency, City and County Council teams and the postman over the last few days can't quite believe the number of selfish inconsiderate drivers who ignored the "Road Closed" signs and went through the puddles on Botley Road that little bit too fast this afternoon...
Score: -11
John Hatch 10:44pm Sat 11 Jan 14
Excellent coverage of the flooding from the Oxford Mail. But why is the road in Kennington blocked by a barrier with no water near it? On Friday evening, there was a shallow puddle at the bottom of the slip road which connects Kennington Road to the westbound lane of the Southern By-Pass. Cars could easily have got throught it; and any slight bow wave would have been absorbed by the grassy bank. However, this crucial access point between Kennington and Oxford was blocked and traffic had to make a long detour detour around Bagley Wood Road. The Vale of White Horse Council (which now seems to be run by officers from Didcot rather than local councillors) seem to be responsible for the road block. Their notice also gave the impression that the officers had gone home for the weekend, leaving the roadblock in place. The Oxford Mail would do us a useful service by looking into this matter - both the strategy for blocking the road, and the apparent inattention of the council officers.
Score: -25
Alun Evans 11:44pm Sat 11 Jan 14
Thank you all at the Oxford Mail for keeping these blogs so up-to-date throughout the floods - 'cannot think how we'd all keep informed without you!
Score: -19
woodbon 11:29am Sun 12 Jan 14
Fantastic pictures and overall coverage. As someone who was is an Oxford native until 1995, it seems surreal to see the town I know and love with so much water covering the streets. Was coming up this week-end, but we will keep away until the roads are clear again"
Score: -19
chrisnew63 4:31pm Sat 8 Feb 14
To Homeowner, I am currently undertaking a Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Management at Southampton Solent University. In fulfilment of this degree I am required to research a topic area and produce a dissertation. The topic I have chosen is ‘flood defence’ and I am investigating the following; To seek to establish whether there are viable solutions to protect homeowners on or near flood plains considering the increased risk of flooding and the possible affects this may have on insurance policies’. As part of the dissertation I am required to gain first hand primary research and so have chosen to adopt a questionnaire survey method. Please would you complete my survey which takes around 3 minutes. The survey can be accessed by clicking the below link https://www.surveymo nkey.com/s/Flood_def ence_and_Insurance Thank you in advance for your time Regards Chris Newman
Score: 1

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