A COUNCIL is in talks with the Government to buy land that has just been approved for 1,900 new homes.

Cherwell District Council wants surplus MoD land known as Graven Hill, in Bicester, to develop for housing, including creating the country’s largest self-build project.

Last Thursday, Defence Estates, the property arm of the MoD, was given planning permission to build homes, shops, a pub/restaurant/hotel, community hall and businesses on the site. The MoD was also given permission to build a 70,400 sq m warehouse to consolidate Bicester Defence Storage and Distribution operations and create 620 jobs.

Bicester’s MP Sir Tony Baldry is lobbying colleagues in Parliament to give Bicester ‘Garden City’ status, which could attract funding from a pot of £225m.

Sir Tony says that cash could be used to buy the Graven Hill site from the MOD.

He is due to meet with Housing Minister Mark Prisk tomorrow.