Picture round - in the gallery above.

1: What is the name of the youngster Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is talking to?

2: What caused the damage to this Chalgrove shop?

3: What was former education reporter Liam Sloan doing to improve his maths skills?

4: What is being cast in this picture?

5: What was blamed on a 10 per cent reduction in wheat profits?

6: What was the name of this 10-week-old black Labrador?People from Oxfordshire.

1: Great grandparent John Robinson and his family leaped with joy to celebrate which birthday?

2: The Bennett family moved into which iconic house in Headington?

3: Peter Strange spent 11 years and nearly £7,000 to restore what?

4: Littlemore resident Heather Bower was asked to deliver what for her neighbours?

5: Former Oxford cop Jim Trotman took to the high seas to battle what in Somalia?

6: Millions of people across the world have heard Jon Briggs’ voice. Why?

You couldn't make it up.

1: Despite pledging to support Oxford traders and cut carbon emissions, where was County Hall getting its sandwiches?

2: What was the name of the company based at a historic thatched barn in Denchworth that was destroyed by fire?

3: What speed was a roadsweep clocked doing in Oxford’s 20mph zone? 20mph, 29mph or 35mph?

4: Father-of-one Craig Farmer faced eviction this year from his £40-a-week home. What type of home does he live in?

5: Piano tuner Richard Roberts was doing what this year because he was unable to find an affordable home?

6: Which school got in trouble for creating a wall of shame with pictures and names of those failing to make the grade?


1: Which late night TV host backed an Upton dog breeder in their appeal to find their five stolen Tibetan spaniels?

2: Former boxer Chris Eubank lavished praise on which global pop phenomenon during a talk at Oxford Union?

3: The Birdie shirt dress worn by who sold out online within minutes of her historic arrival in Oxford?

4: Which pop icon and reality TV star told students at Oxford Union he used to get bullied because he was skinny?

5: Former Star Trek captain Patrick Stewart, left, wrote to a council to complain that what was creating too much noise?

6: Which comedian had a blue plaque unveiled in their honour at their former home in Church Cowley Road?

Around the county.

1: Abingdon's mayor teamed up with the town cricket club to learn to throw what for the town’s annual tradition?

2: A miniature village of which renamed town was closed in Australia this year?

3: What South Oxfordshire icon did Kelly Green have tattooed on her shin?

4: Hundreds of what infested homes in Witney after land was cleared for a new housing estate?

5: After 27 years, which controversial road scheme finally ended this year?

6: What happened to 23 Pioneer Regiment this year?


1: How much was a family of 10 being paid in housing benefit alone? £12,000, £19,000 or £26,000?

2: Oxfordshire County Council spent £2,586 making 6,084 calls to what over the past three years?

3: Councils were critised as “hypocrites” for investing £20m in which industry while at the same time telling people to quit?

4: Who of the following did not throw their hat into the ring to become Oxfordshire County Council leader? Ian Hudspeth, Nick Carter, David Robertson or Pete Handley?

5: David Cameron met which pro-democracy campaigner at Aston Pottery in West Oxfordshire?

6: Which German city inspired Oxford’s Barton West housing development?

Weird and wonderful.

1: By the end of January, how many letters of complain had blogger Dominic Utton sent to First Great Western? 46, 78 or 92?

2: A misprint on Tesco own brand Swiss rolls led to them being how many years out of date?

3: A rare what that was made in 1912 to mourn those killed in the Titanic was on display in Witney earlier this year?

4: Which iconic image near Uffington was “desecrated” by betting firm Paddy Power?

5: What was blamed on stopping tourism, business, farmers, sports and community events during the summer?

6: What strange-looking homes were created by businessman Robin Swailes, right, in a bid to ease Oxford’s housing crisis?

Missing words.

1: MINI praised over its .............. handling.

2: Village lane used as a ............... site.

3: ‘I feel great after donating a .............. ’

4: ‘I have got a huge pair of .............. to fill.’

5: Fake .............. ‘put me in fear for my life’.

6: School opts for .............. status.

Animal magic.

1: A West Oxfordshire pensioner fell foul of the law and fined £14,500 for owning sheds for which animal?

2: Sterile what were being released into the wild by experts to stop the spread of deadly diseases?

3: The first cubs of which species were born in the UK for the first time at Cotswold Wildlife Park?

4: A new breed of mutant what are infecting the county?

5: Cocker spaniel Molly knows when nine-year-old owner Steven Courtney needs to take what to save his life?

6: Oxford pest controller Rob Eckton found what one-in- 50,000 anomaly while clearing traps in Stanton St John?

World of sport.

1: Which country did Brasenose College student Arnold Strode-Jackson represent in the 1,500m at the 1922 Stockholm Olympics?

2: Oxfordshire rowers, RAF Brize Norton service personnel and a Mini took part in what event this summer?

3: Kelvin Thomas stepped down as chairman of Oxford United this year. In what sector was his Florida-based company?

4: What did Oxford United star Adam Chapman burn that almost cost him a place in the team?

5: Which U’s player’s performances led to a Twitter trend listing his superhuman nonchalance?

6: On what were more than 500 service personnel bouncing at RAF Brize Norton in an attempt to break a world record?

Music and showbiz.

1: Trade unionist Gawain Little and County Hall leader Keith Mitchell went to the cinema together to see which film?

2: Which former Kidlington resident turned legendary reggae DJ was presented with an MBE?

3: James Bishop sent 461 video messages to request a performance at his wedding to which US pop act?

4: Which film was blamed for the rise in dumping of wolf-like dogs by Burford-based animal sanctuary Blue Cross?

5: Which famous carnival was cancelled this year?

6: Bampton in West Oxfordshire is the location for what period drama?

Bookish things.

1: Oxford University colleges Oriel and Pembroke took on what over late night rowdy customers?

2: Professor Mike Hapgood is working in Didcot to protect the inhabitants of the Earth from what?

3: The Bishop of Oxford said his feet were “lightly toasted” after he completed what for charity?

4: Of all the places in Oxford, which obscure road in Jericho did Morse author Colin Dexter say he would choose to save?

5: Which ‘sport’, based on a famous book series, are Oxford University students taking part in?

6: Which former Prime Minister is Wafic Said planning to controversially name a building at his Business School after?



1: His 21st - he was born in a leap year.

2: The shark house.

3: A railway carriage.

4: Their children.

5: Pirates.

6: He is the voice of sat navs and Siri.


1: London.

2: Ignite Energy.

3: 29mph.

4: A shipping container.

5: Sleeping rough at Osney Lock.

6: Larkmead School.


1: Jonathan Ross.

2: Psy.

3: Duchess of Cornwall.

4: Peter Andre.

5: A shooting school.

6: Ronnie Barker.


1: Buns.

2: Abingdon.

3: Didcot Power Station.

4: Rats.

5: Cogges Link Road.

6: It was disbanded.


1: £26,000.

2: The speaking clock.

3: Tobacco.

4: Nick Carter.

5: Aung San Suu Kyi.

6: Freiburg.


1: 78.

2: Seven years (February 16, 2005).

3: Teddy bear.

4: White Horse.

5: Rain.

6: Studio pods.


1: Recall.

2: Dogging.

3: Kidney.

4: Shoes.

5: Gun.

6: Academy.


1: Rowan Williams.

2: Wind.

3: ‘Brain boosting’, or transcranial electrical stimulation.

4: The repatriation memorial bell.

5: Rain.

6: Cameron.


1: Chickens.

2: Mosquitoes.

3: Wolverine.

4: Rats.

5: Insulin.

6: Albino mole.


1: None - he didn’t need to represent one.

2: Olympics opening ceremony.

3: Pest control.

4: His nipple.

5: Peter Leven.

6: Space hoppers.


1: The Iron lady.

2: David Rodigan.

3: Hanson.

4: Twilight.

5: Cowley Road Carnival.

6: Downton Abbey.


1: A kebab van.

2: Solar storms.

3: A fire walk.

4: Combe Road.

5: Quidditch.

6: Margaret Thatcher.